Fancy trying comedy improvisation yourself? Check out below to see what LIVEWIRED currently has on offer. from Performance level classes with Showcase to Drop-in classes. LIVEWIRED has something for everyone.

Further to our relationship with Canal Cafe Theatre, LIVEWIRED will be hosting classes at the venue.

Canal Cafe Theatre
Delamere Terrace,

Little Venice,

London W2 6NG, UK

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A fun and practical class on how to use some basic skills of mine to create and maintain the world of an Improvised scene.

Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM

£20 (+booking fee)


A fun and practical class on how to find a game within an improvised scene. A skill more suited to long-form improv, it also brings great benefit to short-form scenes.


Class led by Jonathan Reed

Saturday, April 30th, 2022 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM

£20 (+booking fee)


A fun and practical class on how to create an improvised character in the moment using the offers to hand and maintaining your character throughout the remainder of the scene.

Saturday, May 7th, 2022 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM

£20 (+booking fee)


This fast-paced and interactive is perfect for people who are complete beginners to Improvisation.

Dates pending for May 2022, Any question please contact jason@livewiredimpro.com


Tutor: Jason Moran,



Creative Director and founding member of LIVEWIRED Comedy Improvisation Troupe.
Having trained at the Gaiety and Dublin School of acting, Jason has been Performing, Directing and Teaching Improv since 2016 and has recently published Improvisation: A Practical Guide (Crowood Theatre Companions) available on Amazon.

Jason Moran, Creative Director 


Tutor: Jonathan Reed



LIVEWIRED Player and founding member, Jonathan is a regular player and teacher since 2016. 
Having trained and taught at the City-Academy, he also has extensive training as a long-form improviser with The Free Association, The Annoyance Theatre and brings that extra element to his training.

Jonathan Reed, LIVEWIRED player