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Katie Colley


Katie has been in LiveWired for seven years and trained with City Academy prior to this. She has found doing improvisation of great benefit to her personal and work life; the techniques learned through the discipline of improvisation are of great import. She has 14 years’ worth of experience in teaching and training and spent her formative years with a television production company.

Favourite improv game:
Three Excuses – I love watching the team try and act out random things. They look ridiculous and I get to watch all that.

Most memorable moment on stage:
When I was one of the bears from Goldilocks and growling a song instead of singing it and having the whole audience join in.

One more thing:
I was once an extra in Midsomer Murders and was so terrible they cut my word. I was once sucked into the widest tornado in history and survived to tell the tale.

Katie Colley
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