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Maria Blatstein


Maria studied acting in City Academy and Actors Studio in London, and performed in several music, theatre and film projects. She's been with LiveWired since its early days, and has been playing music since her own early days. She began as soon as she figured out there was a piano in the living room. She learned how to walk so she could reach it without assistance. Since then, independence has always been Maria's trait, and music improvisation gives her the absolute freedom one needs to pave their own path. Sometimes in her school days, she might have abused the ability to play out of the blue, pretending she was practicing. But her parents never found out.

Favourite Improv Game: 5+1 lines

Most memorable moment on stage:
I love when some of the actors just burst into song. I never know where they will take me - this is always a fun adventure.

One more thing:
I do science for a living, and this is amusing in more ways than one.

Maria Blatstein
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