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Michelle Daisley


Michelle is a founder member of LiveWired. She was there from the start, when they were just a bunch of wallies playing “zip zap” in a room above a pub. She has since performed in the West End, West Hampstead and, er, London Zoo. Michelle trained in improvisation and acting with City Academy and the Showstoppers, and can go from zero to a rhyming couplet in 3.7 seconds. She is a mum to two small boys (who always find her hilarious) and for her day job
she wears a suit and writes powerpoint slides.

Favourite Improv Game: Fishbowl – the classics endure.

Most memorable moment on stage:
Our live shows at London Zoo – performing in front of hundreds of party people was a dream.

One more thing:
Apparently Sir John Betjeman was a distant relative. So maybe rhyming is in my DNA?

Michelle Daisley
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